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Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

Season 2: Episode 5

Consuella Mackey is an example of a person who gave everything to her family, her business, and even strangers in need of a helping hand. She gave up her own bed so that her children did not have to sleep on the floor. She learned to live without many of the bare necessities so that others in her life didn't have to.

I am lucky enough to be involved with a show that reminds me continually that I am fortunate. Plaskoff Construction, once again, took on a complete rebuild of a home for Ms. Mackey and her family. We transformed her old 1950's ranch house into a brand new 2004 Cape Cod. We donated all of our time and profit to this project so that we could maximize the use of the funds that were available and give her the most we could. In addition, most of our vendors and subs donated time and materials to the project as they felt connected to this worthy cause.

I was particularly pleased to be able to work directly with Ty Pennington on a special project and present Ms. Mackey and her non-profit Operation Confidence with a new office space in my building on Ventura Boulevard, complete with a one year lease at no cost to her. With donations from the show's sponsors, the office was decked out with new furniture, computers, office equipment and supplies to run her non-profit - previously run out of her home.

Operation Confidence, Mackey's non-profit, is devoted to offering employment training skills and job placement to people with disabilities - an amazing cause and public service. This new office space will allow Ms. Mackey to have a great new environment to run her non-profit. It will allow her to have support staff which will enable her to do even more good.

By helping her maintain this amazing organization, we were able to give to more than just one individual and indirectly are able to help thousands.


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